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American Airlines Training & Conference Center

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Fort Worth, Texas USA 76155

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Do you love aviation and have dreamed of an airline career? Then why not train for one of the most exciting jobs in the airline business - the Aircraft Dispatcher. Our school has had thousands of successful graduates from countries all over the world, since 1991.  We're still doing it successfully, and with a lot of positive energy and spirit! We enjoy what we doing. It's our life.

We love our students, and help them succeed in their aviation career goals. Students are from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries globally. We started our training center in 1991, and have had much success in airline training operations. 

Aircraft Dispatchers work in the airline's Operations Control Center, working around-the-clock, "behind-the-scenes" and make all of the major decisions which affect the airline's daily flight operation. The FAA believes that "two heads are better than one". 

The Airline Captain and Flight Dispatcher share 50/50 decision making and responsibility for the safety of each flight. To do this, the Dispatcher must possess the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license, in many ways, equivalent to the airline Captain's Airline Transport Pilot certificate. The aeronautical knowledge requirements are the same.

Airline Flight Crews and Flight Dispatchers receive extensive aviation training in areas such as Meteorology, Advanced Flight Planning, Federal Aviation Regulations, Aircraft Systems & Performance, the Air Traffic Control System, Instrument Approach Plates & Enroute Charts, Global Navigation Systems, and Emergency situations.

Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center provides only one type of training: FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License Certification. We've done it successfully since 1991. We train our students, and then get them hired with airlines.

Hundreds of airlines in the USA and around the world employ FAA certificated Aircraft Dispatchers. AFDTC has a large population of international students. The school is approved to issue the INS SEVIS I-20 form for student M-1 Visa.



Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center was founded in September 1991. The school has trained students from around the world for their FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license. AFDTC is a U.S. leader in this specialized field of aviation training.

During this time they have operated FAA approved schools in the USA in Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago and Atlanta. In addition, they operated the first ever FAA approved international Aircraft Dispatcher school in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Click here to see archived photos of the Dubai Campus

There's awesome power in focus If you concentrate on one thing long enough, you get really good at it. We've got 12 years experience in training people for their FAA license. 

We love what we do! We train you for your FAA license, assist you to prepare your resume, and then get you interviewed and hired with an airline. It's a simple formula for success. Airlines call us almost every day.

Our school founder is a former Flight Dispatcher with one of the world's largest airlines. Richard Wateska spent over 16 years employed at the American Airlines System Operations Control Center in Fort Worth, Texas. He's highly experienced in the field of Operational Control, Flight Dispatch and the major airline flight operations environment. Now, he manages and oversees the daily operations at our training center.

Our graduates love us. Airline managers interview and hire our graduates by the hundreds each year. Our chief aim in life (since 1991) has been to become the recognized global leader in this highly technical field of aviation.

Click here to go to the Airline Dispatchers Federation website. It has lots of information on the Airline Dispatcher career field, and links to other organizations in Airline Operational Control.


Since September 1991, Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center has helped many individuals from around the world to obtain their FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certificate.

Call Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center today at (817) 967-4424. Our staff of airline training professions will answer your questions, send you a school brochure, and get you going on your airline career.

You can email us at . Airline careers for our graduating FAA Licensed students... That's our goal. Let us help you with your airline career! 


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