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Why should you come to Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center for your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certification training?

We have a fantastic international campus, located at the American Airlines Training & Conference Center.  Combine ultra-modern classroom training facilities, and the fact that you will train under the guidance of EXPERIENCED Airline Dispatchers (with years of major airline dispatcher experience).
We train students from around the USA, and from countries around the world.

Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center has trained over 4000 graduates from around the world since 1991 for the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License. We now have years of experience training people for the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certification.


 The best way to judge a school is to call them on the phone

You'll quickly get a feeling right away. It's first impressions that count.


 This feeling should carry all the way from first contact, to classroom training sessions, student graduation, and ultimately job placement. Once you're a graduate of Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center, you're a part of our growing aviation family. We have many graduates working in the airline industry, all over the world. It makes our job easier when it comes to getting our newly FAA licensed graduates hired right out of school. 

With our reputation of industry leader in the United States, combined with close personal relationships with airline Dispatch Office hiring managers, our school succeeds in its number one goal - Airline Careers for our graduates! 

Give us a call today at (817) 967-4424 and ask for a school brochure, and about this airline career profession.  Our e-mail address is





Wouldn't you much prefer to train under industry-seasoned veteran Airline Dispatchers at a recognized FAA approved Airline Dispatcher school? There is a distinct difference. Many Flight Dispatcher schools teach multiple curriculums. When you call them on the phone, ask them if they teach other courses. A simple yes or no is all you're asking. 

Why not train at a top-rate Flight Dispatcher school? At the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center, we're focused on two things: FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license training, and most importantly, graduate job placement. If we help you get an airline career, you leave happy, and spread the word to others. That's how our school has become successful over the years. 

When you choose Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center for your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License training, you'll train with top-notch, active airline industry professionals. Remember, our school's president is a retired senior Airline Dispatcher, and was employed by one of the world's largest airlines. This fact is true of several other of our classroom instructors. It makes a difference in our student's training. 

When it comes time for airline interviews and getting hired, the quality of our student's training is evident. Many of our graduates from years ago, are now dispatch office managers, and do the interviewing and hiring. Airlines around the world hire hundreds of our FAA licensed Aircraft Dispatcher graduates each year. 

The difference between schools is how they treat their students before, during and after they attend the training program. 



 In life, you have choices

 Why not train at the school that will change your life?


Before choosing a training school to attend for your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate, stop and think about these facts:



In 1996, the FAA Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City selected Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center to train the FAA's own Flight Dispatch/Operational Control Center employees. In 1997 and 1998, the Dallas/Fort Worth FAA Flight Standards District Office chose us to train their Airline Dispatcher Safety Inspectors. 

AFDTC trained the Managing Director of the American Airlines System Operations Control Center, and also the FAA's Principal Operations Inspector who is responsible for oversight of the American Airlines Operational Control Center. They came to AFDTC for their FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license training. 

We trained Safety Inspectors and top level officials for China's Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) / Flight Standards department, at both the Headquarters and Regional office levels. In addition, we've trained many Dispatch Supervisors and Dispatchers from most of China's airlines. We hold a multi-year training contract with the CAAC in Beijing.. 

 Why did they select AFDTC for their FAA Aircraft Dispatcher training?

We're good at what we do, and absolutely focus on our graduates. Come to our school, get your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certificate, and then let our experienced staff members’ help you get placed in the airline industry. Our success ties in with your success. It's very simple. If you succeed, then we succeed. Airlines love our graduates. They call us often to set up interviews at our school campus. They fly into DFW airport, we pick them up. They interview our current students and also some recent graduates. Normally within a day or two, they'll call back with multiple job offers. It's exciting for everyone. 

Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center has developed into a world-class training organization. The Civil Aviation Administration of China and the Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight Academy did their research, then chose us to train their staff members. Middle East Airlines and Lauda Air Italy also selected AFDTC, as did hundreds and hundreds of individual students from all over the world. 

We set our training standards and expectations very high for our staff members and students. Let our team of professionals help you get into this exciting airline career! It's what we do best, so call us today. We'll help make your airline career dreams become a reality. 

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