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Send us specific information about your Flight Dispatch Office, and we'll add your information to our Dispatch Office database. We'll send you information about our current students & recent FAA licensed Aircraft Dispatcher graduates! What a cool deal! It's a win-win situation, don't you agree? 

You will always have up-to-date resumes on-hand in your Dispatch office. Think about it. No more out-dated resumes, disconnected phone numbers, etc. Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center graduates resumes are current. Our graduates are available now, today! Just send us information about your Dispatch office. You can instantly view our graduates resumes "on-line" right now on our internet web site. Our "Resumes for Dispatch Managers Only" section is Username/Passcode protected. E-mail AFDTC today, and we'll send you the information you need to access this section.

So, take 2 minutes to fill out & e-mail this form to us! You'll be glad that you did! It's free, easy, and mutually beneficial to our graduates, and to your Flight Dispatch department

Please complete this form NOW. It will instantly make your job easier, and ours too! We have FAA Licensed graduates available. They're right out of school, with brand new Dispatcher licenses in-hand. Many have ex-military aviation experience and/or degrees in Aviation Managment or Aeronautical Science.

Do you have Flight Dispatcher positions open right now, or in the near future? Do you need to interview & hire one or more Dispatchers today, or maybe yesterday? Are you paying overtime just to cover normal schedules? We have multiple graduates available today. Let us be your new-hire source. Get your Flight Dispatchers from a top-rated Aircraft Dispatcher school! 


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