American Airlines Flight Dispatch Center

Here's the American Airline's System Operations Control/Flight Dispatch Office. This facility houses the command centers for one of the world's largest airline. This multi-million dollar high tech facility has many similiarities to NASA's Mission Control complex in Houston, Texas.

All of the American's flights world-wide are tracked and monitored here, using state of the art Flight Planning & Tracking computers and Satellite communications systems. Many Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center graduates are now working in this facility.

Airline Pilots fly airplanes from departure point to planned destination, with great precision and expertise.

It's the Flight Dispatchers who keep the whole airline running, around the clock, around the world. Factors like aircraft mechanical problems (out-of-service), severe thunderstorms, massive diversion sessions over a hub, enroute turbulance, government civil up-risings, dense fog, snowstorms, iced-up-runways, etc all tend to disrupt the whole system.

Ever wonder who actually CONTROLS an airlines operations 24/7?   The airline's Flight Dispatcher group is responsible for this function.. They're an experienced team of individuals who have many years of operational experience. They're experts in the field.

If you're intelligent, and can juggle many simultaneous scenarios, then this career is for you (the U.S. military calls this function "multi-tasking"). It pays an excellent salary to those who can handle it the stresses and daily pressure. How much? Starting salaries at regional airlines begin around $26,000-$28,000 on average. Spend a year or two there "paying your dues" and gaining valuable airline operations experience, then you usually move up to the major airline level. Starting salaries at the majors are around $50,000, and advance up to around $110,000 base pay (plus additional holiday pay & overtime) after around 8-10 years experience. If you get into the airline business while you're in your 20's or 30's, you'll have plenty of years at the "top of scale", making the big dollars. Many people with heavy general aviation or military experience (flight instructors, navigators, WSO, RIO, ATC, Base Ops and Command Post) get into the field in their 40's and 50's, and still have 15-25 years of productive airline career earning.


Richard Wateska - President/Founder of Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center & Flight Dispatcher on-duty at the SOC/Flight Dispatch Center. Richard has been an Airline Dispatcher for 19 years, spending the last 16+ years at American Airlines in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. He has dispatched many thousands of flights around the world, and has worked in both the domestic and international divisions.

Students at AFDTC get the benefit of up-to-date Airline Operational Control real-world experience. Most schools don't provide this benefit. We are fortunate in this respect to have this on-going and ever-changing information at our finger-tips. During the past 10-20 years, there have been big changes to the U.S. air traffic control system, as well as massive changes in computerization and automation programs in major airline flight dispatch offices.

When you call around to Airline Dispatcher training schools be sure to ask about the owners and instructor staff. It's really important. How current are they? When is the last time they dispatched flights for a major airline? Think about it before you choose a school for your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license training. It's probably the most important factor to consider when selecting a Dispatcher school. It just makes sense to have an staff of experienced major airline Flight Dispatchers for your instructors. AFDTC has both full-time & part time instructors on-staff.

A fact that can't be intelligently disputed is that the best Flight Dispatcher instructors in the industry are those that have done it at the major airline level for 10-20 years, and are currently working in this rapidly changing, high tech field. Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center has this level of expertise on our staff. Our students benefit from it.

Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center has become the industry leader in Airline Dispatcher and Operational Control Center training here in the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration, the governing body of all U.S. aviation consciously chose and contracted with our school to train their own. This includes the FAA's Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the FAA's Southwestern Regional Office Airline Safety Inspectors.

In May, 1998, we trained the FAA Principal Operations Inspector who is responsible for oversight of the American Airlines Operational Control Center. In addition, the Civil Aviation Administration of China chose us to train all of China's Beijing Headquarters Flight Standards staff & Regional Level (Provinces) Dispatch Safety Inspectors. We're helping China build a strong base infrastructure now, that will support the rapid, massive growth of China's aviation in the future. The Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight Academy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East Airlines in Beirut, Lebenon also selected our school. We have also trained for the U.S. Marshal's Office and the U.S. Air Force.

At Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center, the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certification program is the only aeronautical training course we teach.We're not a flight school, with an "add-on" Aircraft Dispatcher program. It makes a difference. We believe in training our students right, then getting them hired with an airline of their choice. Our school staff works very hard with our students, and in the end, it pays off. We believe that if we can help our graduates succeed and meet their goals, then we will succeed. Sarah Wateska and I have done this since 1991, and this success formula works. Come to Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center, and odds are excellent that you'll end up in a challenging airline career. We are experienced airline people. Enroll today in our FAA Aircraft Dispatcher training program. We'll help you get into the airline business!

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