Accelerated FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License Program

Military Navigators, Pilots, WSO, RIO, ATC, NFO, Flight Engineers, Commercial Pilots, Flight Instructors and Assistant Dispatchers

Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center offers a 5 day and Two Week Accelerated course to those individuals who have a very strong aviation background, and meet FAR Part 65 requirements. The FAA allows our school to evaluate each student's background and experience, then credit them for prior aviation experience. Click here to go to our official Prior Aviation Experience Evaluation Form. We will evaluate your aviation background, then advise you if you are qualified to attend one of our Accelerated Training programs. This form will e-mail specific information about you and your prior aviation experience to our staff.

You'll receive a reply from the AFDTC evaluation staff usually within 1-3 working days. We receive many evaluation requests every day. Each individual's background is important to us, and must be carefully analyzed. So, out of fairness to each person, we take our time. Please have patience, and we'll definitely get to you!

Transition from a Military Career into a Challenging Airline Career

Who Qualifies for the Accelerated Training Program?


The individuals listed above qualify for our 5 Day Accelerated Aircraft Dispatcher License Program. You must have 2 out of the last 3 years experience doing the job to automatically qualify. If your experience is more than 2 years old, then contact our school to be further evaluated. In many cases, depending on your total over-all prior aviation experience, we may be able to qualify you. Call us, or fax us your resume. We'll evaluate you and let you know right away.

Attention: Remember - Our school can evaluate each student's background and determine which course you qualify for. If it's been more than two years since you've done the above, call our school to see if you qualify for an Accelerated Program. Tell us about you and your prior experience. The FAA lets us evaluate EACH student on an individual basis. We make the determination as to how much PRIOR credit you receive. Odds are that if you've got a lot of experience (as listed above), we can test you and give you credit for prior aviation experience..

This intensive 5 day training course prepares the student to successfully pass the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Oral/Practical examination.

We'll take you 10 hours a day in the classroom and you'll receive 50 hours of intensive review and training . Our job is to do a complete review of aviation topics, then enhance your knowledge and skills in more advanced topics. The following areas are covered in class: Aviation Weather Theory, Weather Charts, Boeing 737 NG Aircraft Systems, Weight and Balance, Boeing 737NG Cockpit Instruments, Domestic and Global Navigation Systems, IFR High Altitude En-route Charts, IFR Approach Plates, ILS Category I,II, and III Approach and Landing Minimums, the U.S. Air Traffic Control System, Special Use Airspace, FAR 121 Airline Regulations, Advanced Flight Planning, and Airline Operational Control Concepts.

Our goal is to highly polish and fine tune the student's skills, in preparation to meet the FAA examiner. Most of our advanced students are "diamonds in the rough", each having very strong, yet different, diversified aviation backgrounds. Our job is to identify weak spots, then strengthen those areas. Did someone say Aviation Weather???

Plan Monday through Friday classroom training with the our instructors, hard study at night in your motel room. The FAA Oral/Practical exam will usually take place at 0800 on Saturday morning. On average, the exam lasts for about 3-4 hours. It will take you about 2 hours to do the practical (flight plan), then another hour or two for the Oral Exam. Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center has successfully trained 3500+ students for the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher exam. This is the only course we offer. Our success rate is renowned in the industry.

Pilots with Advanced Ratings and some Airline Experience

Plan approximately 2 weeks to complete a fast paced tutoring program. The course is tailored for each student, depending on individual aviation background and credit received from the school. The FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license course is normally 200 classroom hours. This hourly requirement can often be significantly reduced, if prior credit is awarded by our school for other FAA certificates such as Airline Transport Pilot, Commercial Pilot/Instrument Rating, A&P Mechanic, Certified Flight Instructor, and/or college aviation courses or 2-4 year Aviation college degrees. The Dallas/Fort Worth FAA Flight Standards District Office is very strict. All credit awarded to the student for prior experience must be carefully documented. Click here to go to our On-Line Prior Aviation Experience Evaluation Form.

Interested students must call Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center staff. We will evaluate your prior aviation experience, and determine which course is appropriate for you . Students must bring evidence of their experience to the school, and present it to the Training Director upon arrival. Tuition for the 5 Day Accelerated Course is $1650. Tuition for the Two Week Accelerated course is $1950. Tuition fees include classroom instruction, all books and training materials and FAA examination fee.

Prior to attending either of the above Aircraft Dispatcher programs, the students must do self-study for the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher written examination, then schedule with a local area FAA written testing center to take the exam. The student must successfully pass the FAA exam before coming to our program. The study guide for the written exam may be purchased at almost any local flight school. We suggest that you purchase either the ASA or Gleim Airline Transport Pilot written test guide (which is also the study guide for the Aircraft Dispatcher written exam). Cost is about $35 dollars.

The study guide contains all of the actual questions and answers that could possibly appear on the actual FAA Aircraft Dispatcher exam. It also gives a complete explanation to each of the questions. We suggest that you study all of the questions in the study guide except those that refer to Rotorcraft (helicopter) or FAR 135 operations (you won't see any of those on the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher exam, so why study them?!) The focus in the study guide will be on FAR 121 airline operations. The actual FAA Aircraft Dispatcher exam will have a total of 80 questions. A passing score is 70% or better.

Once you study the guide and feel prepared to take the written exam, we suggest you locate a Sylvan , Drake FAA or Laser grade testing center. Call them to schedule yourself to take the exam.( Laser Grade computerized written testing center.)

Call our office at (817) 967-4424. Our staff-members will be there to assist you in scheduling the exam in the DFW area.

Should you chose to take the FAA written exam in your home town at a Sylvan, Drake, Laser grade, or CATS written testing center, please note the following information: Be sure to tell the written test center that you want to sign up for the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher (ADX) exam. This is very important. It guarantees that they don't accidentally schedule you for the Airline Transport Exam! Don't forget this. The written exam cost is usually $80.00

Click here to go to the 1 or 2 Week Course  Schedules

Call us to enroll in the program, and mail or fax us @ (817) 956-6822 the official 5 Day Course On-Line Enrollment Form. We will be glad to arrange your transfers and accommodation either in house at the American Airlines Training & Conference Center or at hotel in the vicinity.

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