Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center

  Thank You Letters from AFDTC Graduates

Hey gang! 


Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know I got on with Shuttle America as a dispatcher.  I had my interview last week on Thursday and was called first thing Monday morning for an offer (I was told it would be 2 weeks!).  I am moving to Ft. Wayne, Indiana very soon.  Not my first choice for location, but I'm really excited about the job.  I know it will be a rewarding career. 


Thanks so much for all the knowledge you gave me during my week class!  It really helped me get through the interview!  You guys are great!  Keep in touch and let me know if you need anything ~ or have questions about the things they asked for my interview to pass onto others wishing to work there. 


Take care!  Thanks again! 

Kristina Albrecht


Hey brother!, I am sorry I haven’t got with you in a while. I started a job and all's going well. Your awesome and again, thank you for the help you gave to me. Personalized help is a lot now days and you were an influence to my license.

Just want say thank you!
Be good.

Ron Noble
Detroit, MI



I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the faith, encouragement, support, and friendship you gave me throughout these past four months, which lead to my successful training at the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center (AFDTC).

Four months ago, passing the written test and attending the Advanced Course seemed like a dream, but you were part of the team that helped my dream become a reality.  Just a week ago, I received my Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate and became one of the many proud graduates that are a reflection of AFDTC's continuous success and excellence.

Although the training was intense and challenging, I was very fortunate to have a remarkable and brilliant instructor as Kristine, who's dedication, knowledge, and friendship made a whole world of difference...Thank You!

Big "Thanks" to Mike for his motivation and for challenging my mind and spirit in every chance he had, and to Adrian for helping me in those "rocky" stages, while studying for the FAA written test.

Finally, to the best classmates ever: Jay, J.P., Lou, and Mike...Thank you guys!!

May God continue to bless every one of you, who with your efforts and dedication help so many of us in becoming the best Flight Dispatchers this profession will ever have.

Heidi Dei Jesus



This note is to thank you and all of the staff for making my FAA license possible. I am a licensed Flight Dispatcher now, and am ready to go down to Ecuador, South America and get a job with one of the big airlines. Thanks for all of the support. You've done a great job. I hope you have time to take a vacation and visit me. Thanks and love,

Annabelle Hooten / Ecuador, S.A.

Hi, from Memphis, TN. I graduated from the school on April 4 (the day I took my oral and practical) and it was that same day that I received a job
offer from Northwest Airlink here in Memphis. I have been on the job now for almost 4 months and I truly love this career. No two days at work are ever
alike and the thrill and challenge of dispatching aircraft is more than I could have ever dreamed it would be. My gratitude goes to the school and its staff for thoroughly preparing me for the challenge that was in front of me. Thank you so much for my new found career.

As you may remember my father took ill during the school (actually right in the middle of school) when we were getting ready to take the written
exam. Not only did J.P. prepare us very well for the test, he went above and beyond the call of duty to administer my test early so I could catch a plane to go and be with my dad. My father passed away and the school was so gracious and willing to help me in any way possible to aid me in completing
the course. Upon returning everyone was so thoughtful and made the loss of my father much easier. The training and preparation I received from AFDTC
has more than prepared me to continue in this field and someday land a job with a major. Thank you again for all the hard work you put into training me. Your school is top notch.


Chris Burgess
Northwest Airlink/Express I Airlines /Flight Dispatcher

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing me with such a wonderful experience while I attended the July 17th two week accelerated course.

When I first made plans to come down to AFDTC, I was apprehensive because I had not really had a chance to talk to anyone who had attended your school. I found out about your school through a search on the Internet. However, once I arrived, I knew I had made the right decision. The instruction that I received was excellent. I feel that Eric and J.P. are both superior instructors who taught me above and beyond what I needed to know to pass the oral/practical exam. I would also like to personally thank you for making my exam such an enjoyable experience (as enjoyable as tests can be, that is).

Please pass on a sincere than you to Terry, Eric and J.P. for me. Feel free to give my name and number out to any prospective students looking for good words about your school. I will be sure to inform anyone I speak with what a superb learning establishment AFDTC is!

Thank you,

Erica Wegner

Hello everyone!

I just want to thank the staff at AFDTC.  This training was exactly what I needed to get myself started for my career in Dispatch.  I have been home less than one week, and already have had two interviews set up.  I'll let you know the outcome. Thanks again!
Jim Brown / Accelerated Course Graduate


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the quality training I received at your school.  I was a student in the July 3rd accelerated course.  Though I was in your classroom little more than a week, I feel that I have picked up very valuable knowledge of the airline industry that many a pilot will never come across, in addition to my FAA Aircraft Dispatcher's certificate.

I have been treated very well by the staff from the time I called, through my visits with the school, my midnight stint as an observer with Richard at the American Airlines operational control center, my time as a student, all the way through my FAA "check-ride".

I must also commend the accelerated course instructor, Eric Coco. I have seen many teachers in my short time in public and university education programs, and Eric seems to have a natural aptitude for teaching.  He knows how to make a student reason out his or her own answers, instead of just reciting facts and regulations.

Again, thanks to everyone on the staff at AFDTC.  You all made my experience there a very positive one.

Mark C. Huskinson


As a recent graduate, I would like to take a moment to thank your entire staff at AFDTC.  Terry, thank you for the warm welcome, even before I arrived at AFDTC - from getting me set up and on the right track, to the tremendous support while I attended.  Eric, I have a book for you, but I must be brief.

The outstanding knowledge, assistance, training technique and level of professionalism you provided while I attended were just the tip of the iceberg.  My military background instilled in me a certain level of self-confidence, but you took that level to an extreme with your own self-confident nature.  I was a honor to be in your class, because you love what you do. What a super atmosphere! Thanks so much for your patience and dedication.  Gary, it was a pleasure to meet such an outstanding and knowledgeable person.  I hope to see you around, and I know AFDTC and students will miss you tremendously.  John-Pierre, thanks for your patience and for keeping me on the right track.  If not for you taking the time to explain certain things, (I know...maybe more than twice!), I might still be there with you.  I know your next class is going to love you, and you will do fabulous.

To all of you--Good luck in the future, where it may happen to lead you.  I hope to see you all again very soon.
Dana Stenehjem


Hi AFDTC Crew,
Just wanted to let you know that I'm now working for PSA out of Vandalia.  I took my cockpit familiarization ride on Tuesday, and am now starting my on-the-job training.  I spent three weeks in ground school studying Dornier 328 systems.

I'm now doing my on-the job Dispatcher training.  I took my interview on Monday, after I returned home from Dallas, and was hired and started work with them the next day!

I just want to thank everyone for all you did for me while I was in Dallas/Fort Worth. One of my co-workers also graduated from AFDTC. I just wanted to tell you that you could use me as a reference for the school if you ever want to.

Thanks again for everything!
Steve Lenhart / PSA-USA Express Dispatcher


My name is Mary M. Keenan, and I attended the accelerated class recently. I just thought I would drop you an informal email to say a few words about my stay and experience at your school. It was a very positive and fun experience, and I must say this was all made possible with the help of one very special individual employed at AFDTC...Terry! It is people like Terry, people who truly care, that help make a company like AFDTC maintain and uphold such a wonderful reputation. You can be sure I only have great words to say about the school and the staff, and surely will continue to encourage others like myself to explore this option. Thank you.

Sincerely, Mary M. Keenan 


Finally dropping you guys a note to say thinks again for the thorough job you did in preparing me for a career in flight dispatching. The ground school here at Great Lakes Aviation was made so much easier because of the preparation and knowledge I received at your school. I can't wait to come down for a visit and fix up a real Bar-B-Q meal for y'all to show my appreciation. Thanks again!

John Hennelly


I just wanted to say thanks for your help in getting registered for the upcoming June 2000 class. I received my study guide in the mail, and have begun to prepare for the course. I'm looking forward to getting started!

I have to tell you though, I started to have second thoughts, after seeing negative comments about AFDTC on one of your competitor's web sites. Worried that I had made the wrong choice, I decided to do a little more research. I contacted the Dispatch Manager for one of the large regional carriers based at my local airport. He informed me that he was a graduate of AFDTC and that he had just sent 6 of his employees down to go through the course! He said that it was a great course and that he recommended it.

Thanks again...see you in June!

Rhett Hardy / Operations Control / First Union Securities, Inc. /


I would like to thank you for that wonderful Dispatch School of Yours. With no previous aviation experience, I went to your school. It was great. Gary is the best teacher I have ever met. Right out of school, I went to work as a Dispatcher for Austin Express Airlines in Austin, Texas. 6 months later, I have just been offered a job with Continental Express. Thanks a bunch. I couldn't have done it without you.

Tom Hallmark.

PS.Austin Express now needs a Dispatcher - Fax: 512-530-2306

How is it going?

Its Brad from your September to October, 1999 class. As I told you before, me and my brother Brian (both of us attended your school), got hired by Raytheon, and now we live in Wichita, Kansas.

The job is going really well, definitely getting familiar with FAR 91 and 135. That's the type of operation we fly. Brian works in the Travel Air area and I work in the Charter department. Funny thing is when we work 40 feet apart and never see each other; on the days we work the say days, that is.

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the assistance and the confidence that you gave me while I was in the class. In fact, my supervisor told me something after about two days, in a sense, he stated that I had had good instruction in the field. I told him that I had attended AFDTC, and that in my opinion, was the best Dispatcher school around. He then went on to say that he liked what he saw of the results of your school. That is exactly the way I feel towards the school.

Well, I better let you go. Say hi to everyone else for me, including Terry, Richard, Sarah, Michelle and everyone else involved with the school. Thanks for the great experience!


Brad Murphy

Date: Wednesday, January 05, 2000 11:23 AM
Subject: Just staying in touch

I just wanted to check in and say hello. Periodically, I check your
web page to see if my picture is still there under 6 week course. Your
school was a great experience for me. Ironically, I have never dispatched
an aircraft. I started to go through dispatch ground school here at Mesa
Airlines only to be offered a different and slightly better paying
The position was station training. For over a year I traveled to more than
60 cities and ultimately became responsible for all fuel vendor training
nationwide. I still organize the fuel training but four months ago I became
an Internal Auditor. Now I research safety issues and continue to travel
the U.S., Canada, and Mexico auditing and looking after the safety of Mesa's
customers and employees. There is no way I would have gained this most
recent position without my Aircraft Dispatchers License as a credential.
Thanks for the great experience I had attending your school. Please
say hello to Terri, Gary, Axle, and all of the staff. If there is ever
something I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.
Joe Crelier
Mesa Airlines, Inc.


Greetings from Andrews Air Force Base. I heard my friend, Rick Dittmer, is attending your course after I recommended your school. He'll do well. I served with Rick over in Saudi on and off for 4 years while stationed at Patrick AFB, FL.

Update: I start at NWA as a Flight Officer on 27 March 2000. During the interview, everyone commented "positively" about my Dispatcher Certificate --so it helped me! You can buy me some BBQ next time I'm in Dallas. Best wishes to you, Gary and the whole gang!

FLY SAFE / Brice Robinson / Andrews AFB, MD 


Hello Guys,

Don't know if you remember me - I'm the British guy from Feb."99 classes! I'm now working fore a company called BaseOps Europe - sister company to BaseOps Houston. The job is great - very varied as we plan/advise/file customers from all over the world to all over the world!

Europe is a very different system from the states, but the course gave me such a good grounding that I was able to "go solo" after 8 weeks, altughou like you guys said, you learn something new everyday!

Anyway, thought I'd say hi and let you know what I'm up to.

Trust you're all well and keeping busy!

Regards, Jon Chaplin / London, England


I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to all, for helping to make my learning experience at AFDTC all that it was - enjoyable and informative. I will be sure to send anyone I know you way if they seek Aircraft Dispatcher training. I simply can't say enough good things about the entire experience!

Each of you is very fortunate to have jobs which allow you to do what you love and love what you do - teach. There is perhaps no greater challenge than the passing of knowledge from one person to another. I envy you.


Mike Easton

Here are a few short quotes from a postcard we just received from a graduating class:

"Thanks for the great atmosphere at your school. The small things do count!" - Ken Sturgeon

"AFDTC is the best!! Thanks for Everything!!" - Mitch Wilbanks

"Gary, take out a sheet of paper. Thanks for a great 6 weeks" - Anthony Freelove

"Thanks for everything! I'm glad I chose AFDTC" - Mike Wilson

"Thanks for everything. You guys are awesome!" Jack Hill

"Guys- This school is TOPS! I am so glad I listened to my instincts & came here. Thank you for having such a sharp, professional school. - Susy Aldrana Fielsch

"Thanks for a great atmosphere for learning" - Charles Butcher

"It's been worth every penny" - Matt Farmer


To the staff of AFDTC:

I enrolled in your first class of 1999, and during the 6 weeks of blood, sweat, and tears, it had paid off before I graduated six weeks later. Before I graduated, I had 5 interviews, and 3 job offers. I chose Great Lakes Aviation. I started the end of February, and was signed off in May. The training was great, the staff of Dispatchers are very professional, and never reluctant to help out anew recruit with any situation that may arise.

After about 6 months, I saw a posting on your home page from a company called ANA. A Japanese air carrier with operations in Chicago that needed a Dispatcher. Having lived in Japan for the 10 previous years, and them needing a Dispatcher, this seemed like it was made just for me. I went to Chicago, and after about a month and a half later, I received e-mail if I wanted the position. One week before that, I had a job offer in Kansas for another position. I red-evaluated the two offers, and now, I'm dispatching out of the International terminal in Chicago. I would like to thank the staff of AFDTC with giving me the knowledge to move up from Beech 1900 to the B747-400 aircraft. Again, thank you very much for the excellent aviation training.

Shawn Struble / ANA Flight Dispatcher 



I just want to thank the Staff of AFDTC. This training was exactly what I needed to get myself started form my career in Airline Dispatch. I have been home less than one week, and already have had two interviews set up. I will let you know the outcome. Thanks again.

Jim Brown / '99 Accelerated Class


Thank you very much for the opportunity to come and visit your school and meet your students. I was impressed by both the quality of your school and the students who attended it. I also want to thank you personally for the great directions and information about accommodations. It makes a trip go much smoother having someone help you out. Thank you again for your great hospitality! We will definitely keep AFDTC in mind with your future recruiting needs.

Sincerely, Dawn Hoelzel / Human Resource Representative / AmeriStar Airlines, Dallas, Texas


One year goes by from my graduate, and this 1999 is a year of satisfaction. I get my first job only after 2 weeks from my return to Italy, the first one like handling supervisor in the new airport of Milan Malpensa, in February. I had start my career like Dispatch in Air Europe, a charter and schedule carrier, which operate with B767-777 and A320 on the domestic route. Now, I had a good contract with Gandalf, a small airline that operate with DO328 turboprop and jet. I'm very happy to work for them. Is like a big family.

So, here my carrier can grow better than in a big airline like was Air Europe. The life of an Italian Dispatch is very different from an American one. Here you are both Dispatch and Flight Operation Control. That means a heavy job in some situation, no time. Here you can work for more than 12-13 hours a day, and the salary is the half than in the USA. But, I don't take care about it, the important is, that with your school, I get the job of my life! So, Gary here in Italy, the summer is going to finish. Last weekend to the seaside and after ski for all the winter. Remember that if you came in Italy you have someone that wait you in the airport. Thank you AFDTC for changing my life for the best.

Sincerely, Favini Saggino / Milan, Italy


Allow me to take a moment of your time to thank you for the opportunity to tour your facilities and interview potential dispatchers last week. I was very impressed with your offices and classrooms. Every student interviewed last week was completely satisfied with the product that the AFDTC staff has provided. This is a testament to your desire to provide a quality product in a fun, caring environment. On behalf of Great Lakes Airlines, I would like to say thank you for continuing to provide us with quality people that have the knowledge and desire to succeed in the airline industry.

We have been 100% satisfied with the newly licensed dispatchers you have produced. It is vividly clear that your entire staff is dedicated to the student and the student's success. We can only hope that we can continue this great relationship.

Thank you again for everything. I hope to see everyone again soon, as we are always looking to add to the staff here at Great Lakes.


David L. Kemp / Manager, Flight Control / Great Lakes Airlines


I should have written much sooner to let you all know what a wonderful experience your Six Week Dispatcher course was. I've always known becoming an aircraft dispatcher was high on my list of goals, and your program made that happen very quickly and easily. I learned a tremendous amount with Gary as an instructor, and Terry is a fabulous organizer and job seeker pro! I couldn't have asked for more hospitality from all of you!

All but one of the airlines I sent my resume to wanted to interview me, and all of the interviews I did conduct, resulted in a job offer. The most difficult part of the whole six weeks was deciding which job to take! I'm happily settled (for the moment) in Harrisburg, PA working for Allegheny Airlines, a US Airways Express carrier. It was the closest I could get to my family in Maine, and I can fly there, and all over the world for pennies! My job can be challenging at times with thunderstorms, fog and dealing with the New York corridor, but I'm confident that I have the knowledge, thanks to you, to handle it all safely.

Thanks again for all your effort. It was an experience I will never forget!


Laelia Morton


It was a pleasure meeting with you your staff and future dispatchers to discuss employment opportunities with Northwest Airlink. It was a delight to see such dedication and commitment in your program. Your overall personal approach and help was greatly appreciated.

The students were a breath of fresh air and all will have promising futures because of the school. We look forward to a continuing relationship with the school and hope to see you soon.


Mike Coker / Manager of Dispatch Northwest Airlink


Lots to tell you! After many airline interviews in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and after moving from Memphis, I have arrived!

In mid-February, I received a phone call from a U.S. Government contractor in charge of hiring Dispatchers at the FAA's Flight Inspection Central Operations office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and so, here I am! My kids are still in Bedford, but this is a much easier commute than Memphis, and the folks I work with are fantastic! I've been here for a month now, and have so much to learn. I feel I'm a bit rusty but it's all coming back! Currently, I'm assigned to the Atlantic City desk. The pay is GREAT, and the location is so much more relaxed.

I'll keep in touch with you, and you all do the same. I just visited your internet website for the first time, and I must say that I feel proud to have been a part of your school.

Barb Rising / FAA Operations Center



Hello Dispatchers & interested parties

I left the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center in Hurst, Texas two weeks ago. And, I wanted to chime in and let everyone know that I have received several job offers and am currently interviewing with three major airlines. AFDTC is great! Thanks for preparing me for my new career, and for the support you showed during the Accelerated Course. Anyone out there considering Dispatch as a future occupation should attend AFDTC in Hurst, Texas...I'll keep in touch.

Linda Boxwell



We are the parents of Nimish J. Naik, wish you a good day. We are fine and hope you to be the same.

We are very happy to know that our son, Nimish, has successfully completed the "Flight Dispatcher Course" from your training center. We are very thankful to you for your kind co-operation and guidance given to him for the success of the course.

Thanking you, yours sincerely,

Dr. Naik J.R. & Mrs. Naik B.J. / Bombay, India



Just wanted to drop a line and let you both know I was selected as Southwest Airline's newest DISPATCHER!

Through persistence and positive mental attitude, I finally landed this new job. I started March 15, 1999. It was a long wait, but I always remembered what you told me -- NEVER GIVE UP ! It will soon pay off. Thank you both for all your support and help.

George E. Irizarry - AFDTC class of 1995 - JULY

(Art Pappas, Managing Director /AA System Operations Control Center was in my class)



I'm making sure I tell everyone I can about accepting an offer with Horizon Air, based in Portland, Oregon! I am ecstatic and I owe my success to your school. Your school not only prepared me well for the FAA check ride, it has given me the advantage of knowing what to expect in the real world, and what attitude to take to be a good dispatcher. Axel has some great stories and is a great teacher.

Thanks to you all,

Jeffrey Houshour / Flight Dispatcher - Horizon Airlines Operational Control Center


A sincere THANKS and APPRECIATION for all you did to help me. It's great to see that there are still great people and good companies who still care about individuals and not money. I can see why they say Texas has great hospitality and friendly people. You made a difficult time easier, and a potential disaster for me corrected.

Again, with Sincere Thanks

Bill Johnson


Greetings from Washington D.C. I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thank you for the first-class training I received at AFDTC last month. I really enjoyed meeting each and every one of you.

Sorry it took so long to write, but as soon as I returned back to Andrews AFB, I flew a two-week trip to Central/South America in the DC-9. We flew to Belize, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela and Costa Rica. I fell in love with Belize--it's so rustic and unspoiled. I shall return...

I added another line to my CV. I think the "Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate" will set my resume apart from others when I go seeking that airline flight officer job in the next few months.

I'll keep in touch and let you know what happens. Best wishes for success in the future.


BRICE E. ROBINSON, Major, USAF / DC-9, Special Air Mission Pilot / "Air Force 2 & Exec 1 Foxtrot"


Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help in getting my dispatcher certificate. I graduated from your course in June, 1996 and was hired by a Colorado based airline in September of that year as a Flight Dispatcher. After leaving the airlines one year later for self-employment, I found out what I really was missing. I applied for Dispatcher positions recently with six different airlines, and was interviewed by all six and was offered a Dispatcher position with every one of them! I finally settled for SkyWest Airlines in St.George, Utah. Finally, I have returned to a livable income and fantastic benefits once again. As a United Express and Delta Connection carrier, flying all the latest in new advanced kerosene burning aircraft, this airline is really growing and I was glad that I was chosen to dispatch aircraft for SkyWest.

Again, thanks for all of your help and support during training. I have to say, as a commercial pilot and flight instructor, the dispatcher course was the most challenging aviation ticket I have received so far. But, it has been the most rewarding. Good luck to all of you. I mention your school to all of those looking into dispatching. God Bless.

Ken McLure / Flight Dispatcher SkyWest Airlines


This is too nice out here! I visited a friend here on my way to Seattle, and interviewed for a military position. I'm holding out for Pro Air Airlines. Frontier kept my resume, but just hired last week. I was a few days late.

I wanted to thank you for everything. You guys are great. The name Wateska will flow from my mouth like a good wine from this valley I'm in (Napa) ha. I love you guys.

Always, Linda Boxwell


Just wanted to let you know what's going on with me since I left Euless. I'm currently working with United Express Airlines, which is owned and operated by Great Lakes Aviation, in Spencer, Iowa. It's about 30 minutes from my hometown. I've been there for about a month now in training, and waiting for the new-hire class of about 6 to 8, which a majority of are coming from your current AFDTC graduating class. They're due to show next month, and I'll go through Initial Flight Dispatcher Ground School with them, before they turn me loose in our Dispatch Office operation.

You probably remember Tory conducting interviews down at your school recently for our airline. I like it a lot here, and am very happy with the way things turned out, although, I do miss Texas. I would also like to thank all of you again for doing a spectacular job in running your school. I don't think I could have gone anywhere else, and come out as well prepared as I did at AFDTC. Everyone was so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I was very impressed with the way you prepared us to interview, and job-seek, while still in class. I know I can also speak for some of my other classmates, who are also dispatching for other reputable airlines now.

All I can say is that my whole Texas experience was an all-around, great one, and I hope to get back there some day. I hope your new school facility is working out well, and thanks for everything.

Sincerely, Jeff Long / Flight Dispatcher, Great Lakes Airlines / United Express, Spencer, Iowa


Thank you for the wonderful time during my recent class at your school. Your school is definitely a one-stop dispatch center that included classroom instruction, written testing, housing, and transportation all in one! From arriving at DFW airport, to my flight home, I didn't have to worry about a thing.

The accelerated class was exactly what I was looking for to mold my aviation knowledge into what I needed to be a superior Aircraft Dispatcher. Gary taught me things that I was weak on, and made my FAA exam a piece of cake.

Your new remodeled Student Dispatcher House was perfect for student housing. The 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 kitchens and huge study room made it a great place to live and learn. You really thought of everything. Thanks again,

Paul J. Eves / p.s the Beemer was OK, but when I come back for ETOPS, I'd like a Porsche!


I know this is a long time in coming, but I have had a busy year. I want to finally take the time to thank you all for helping me through a course which I knew nothing about. Gary took his time with me, was very patient, and answered all questions.

I know this may seem kind of trivial to a lot of your students, but as most of them have had aeronautical training of some kind, I have had none. I was a long-haul truck driver whose misfortune it was to have a non-driving accident and had to be re-trained (thanks to the state). Anyway, I was quite nervous about putting this training to use. I was greatly surprised and delighted when I was scooped up by Big Sky Airlines in Montana. At 51 years of age, I thought that it just wasn't possible. I found a home.

Thanks again to you Terry, and Gary and your whole staff. I am proof. If I can get a job, anyone with a little drive can do it.

I moved to Montana and couldn't be happier. God Bless and thank you.

Sincerely, Jeffrey K. Arnold / Flight Dispatcher Big Sky Airlines


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. I have to say that not only do I feel my attending your school was a step in the right direction career wise, but It was also a very pleasant experience. In particular, I believe you have a gold mine in Gary. He has a natural ability in teaching with outstanding communication skills. He teaches in a way, I believe, is easy for students at any level to absorb the material.

It was also a good group of people to attend school with. I got the feeling that most of the students bonded pretty well. It was nice to see the genuine concern for fellow students during the examination process. I think several people made some lasting friendships. I've had the opportunity to stay in touch with a few people.

Terry's continuous efforts with trying to keep students updated and on the ball with the job market is a special touch. I'm sure a lot of former students have her to thank for their jobs.

As far as I'm concerned, I've received a contract with Haag-Lloyd (in Dusseldorf, Germany) and I start work on the 15th (Friday). I would have liked to return to the US to work but the starting pay at Hapag, coupled with 30 days vacation annually, makes it hard to turn down. I'll be making about DM 65,000 (approx. $38,000 at current exchange rate) annually to start.

Once again, thanks for the quality education. I'll keep in touch and stop by if I'm in the area (perhaps in Nov).

Jeff Foster / P.S. I'm lobbying for the company to send employees who have not yet been schooled and certified to you.


Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you all know how much your training has meant to me. Since retiring from the U.S. Navy, I have received several job offerings, one in which I accepted to US Airways Express, Air Midwest. I had only been employed 6 months when I was promoted to Manager of Systems Control. Since, then I have taken on a greater challenge, a start-up airline in Des Moines, Iowa, AccessAir, as Director Flight Control, which flies B737-230's. The training I received was INVALUABLE. It has allowed me to grow with the job, but without a doubt to excel at my job. Thank you again.

Scott Stone
Director Flight Control
AccessAir, Inc.



Well a year has gone by since graduating from Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center in Euless. What a great time I had those six weeks!

As you know, I was hired on to Air Routing at $28,800 in Houston, within the first two weeks of starting dispatcher training! I worked with Air Routing after graduation for six months, and then moved over to BaseOps International, where I have been for the past six months. I continue to look outward to other flight departments (wanting to get closer to the dispatcher action). I have, for various reasons turned down at least six Flight Dispatcher positions nation-wide, to include a major, Continental Airlines.

I was recently notified by Jet Personnel of the United Kingdom (in London, England) that a position within the Amiri Flight Operations in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates was looking for a Flight Dispatcher. I sent my resume, and was told I would be on my way to U.A.E. within a week for a personal interview. That has passed, and I have now learned that I have been selected for a more senior position within the Flight Operations section, and that the Amiri Flight would get back to me within the month. I truly believe all these doors have opened due to the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher ticket I received while attending the dispatcher training in Euless, at your school.

What a great staff you have, and what great patience they all have to get all of us through training so effortlessly. A continued great job on the web page to Richard. I know he puts a lot of time and effort into it. Thanks, Terry for keeping your smile so perfect, and of all our sanity in check. Any new or prospective students can feel free to call me! United States Air Force 21 years!

Rick Wolfer, (281) 858-1316 / BaseOps International, Houston, Texas /


Just want to shoot you a quick email to let you know I just got hired this past week at Continental Airlines as a Flight Dispatcher!!! Not bad for only being out of school for 3 weeks huh? I just want to take the time to thank all of you, especially Gary for all you did to educate me and prepare me for this new beginning! I enjoyed the school and would love to come back up and visit you guys once I get my feet wet. Please stay in touch and let me know of any recurrent training that you may feel could be beneficial to me in my career. Again, thank you all for everything

Happy Holidays


Mark Klibbe (Graduated Sept. 21st, 1998)
Houston, Texas / Continental Airlines SOCC (System Operations Control Center)


I really miss Dallas, but St. Louis is proving to be a wonderful city as well. So much to see and do.

Just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful experience at the school. I learned soooo much and it showed when it came to interview at TWA. I'm really enjoying here at TWA. The folks are really friendly and I couldn't be happier. The man in charge of training says he has some projects for me, after I get a little more solid on the desk (in a year or so). Looks like I'm the only one around here with USAF meteorology experience, so I'm sure the projects will be centered around that.

As far as hiring in the future for graduates...we just hired 6 more people (yea...a little more seniority!) and we may hire a few more next year.

Anyway, thanks again for getting my career off to a good start. You guys are great! Richard, the school web page keeps getting better. Gary, sure miss visiting with you. Drop a line sometime!

Take care, y'all!

Kari Kennedy / Flight Dispatcher / TWA


Let me begin by thanking you for opening such an extraordinary school, where I learned not only how to dispatch an aircraft , but also the” very" foundation of it . You definitely have a wonderful staff, and to Gary Pascoe, " I take my hat off for you, Sir ."

Gary did a fantastic job in getting me ready for the FAA examination , with ALOT of patience and excellent instructing. I thank him for guiding me throughout the entire training course : On Climb - Cruise -and finally, Landing (on the FAA Certificate) .

You have my 100% assurance that there is no other Airline Dispatcher School that I will go out there and advise people to go to, but YOURS !

Yours truly

Mathias Makonnen (Matt)


Thanks again for all the hospitality last week. The interviews were very productive. Hopefully we can get these guys to move up north to join Great Lakes Aviation. Enclosed are the individual letters for all the graduates I interviewed. If you could take a moment to distribute them, I would greatly appreciate it.

Once again, the caliber of applicant was outstanding and something you as a school should take great pride in. I look forward to my next visit to Dallas, and to seeing everyone. Say hi to Richard and Sarah. I'm sorry I missed them.


Troy A. Meisel / Flight Dispatch Supervisor, Great Lakes Aviation / United Express

Hey Guys,

I'm so glad to give up the money I had been making to go back to the aviation industry. You guys did a great job of instilling self-pride and discipline in all of the students. I will always have a good feeling about the time I spent there, and am very glad that I attended. If you ever need another reference among the hundreds you already have, I would be glad to give you one. Terri, keep up the good work, you are the true backbone of that place. Gary, you are a great instructor who really enjoys what he is doing and it shows. Good luck in the future, and I really hope you continue to do well. I'm sure you will.


Mark Martinson (satisfied customer)


I got a call yesterday from Washington D.C., with a job offer in Weisbaden, Germany to be a Transportation Operations Specialist, GS-9 ($30,000 plus housing, moving, travel and TDY expenses). I will be dispatching school buses and school bus contractors throughout the European Area of Operations for the Department of Defense Independent School System. I qualified for this position on the basis of my Masters degree in Public Administration, prior military service, German language proficiency, AND my FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license from Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center. This is the job offer I have been waiting for since I left school in April. Since then, I passed up three Flight Dispatcher job offers, hoping this one would come through, and it did.


Ken Hennessy


I recently attended AFDTC, and cannot stop thinking of the exceptional treatment I got while was there. I must commend your entire staff for the special interest they show in each student.

Upon arrival at the school, your warm welcome made me feel so at home that I did not have time to be home sick. The atmosphere at AFDTC is so relaxing words alone can't explain it. I must say that I immensely enjoyed the weeks that I spent with you. I did not mind one bit going sometimes fourteen hours a day, because it was worth it. I felt like I was among family and that was what took me through those weeks.

I previously attended another school (in Fort Lauderdale), and the experience was so traumatic that I dreaded attending another dispatch school. Some of my classmates at that school came to you, then encouraged me to do the same. They tried to explain what it was like, but I did not believe them. I came to AFDTC expecting the worst, but that was quickly changed from the first day.

My husband, my boss and all who believed in me, join me in thanking you and your entire staff. Terri, Gary, Will, and the others, for your overwhelming support and encouragement. I wish you all God's speed. Thank you so much.


Eudora Pierre / Seabourne Airlines - St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands


 Thanks for the wonderful instruction it proved to be very informative. Thanks and kudos also to Gary, who despite our constant puzzled looks managed to explain everything that that we needed to successfully pass the course. While in the last week of the course, I received three job offers and found it hard to choose, finally I settled for a job in Houston which is great and lets me put all I learned into a practical application.

If anyone is considering going into the field of Aircraft Dispatching I would without hesitation recommend your school. Once again many thanks for your time, help and encouragement and a special mention to Terry who without her help...well you know.

Stephen Phillips /Operations Specialist , BaseOps International, Houston, Texas


Thank you so much for all your support and expertise during my training course to become a flight dispatcher. Your school has an excellent curriculum and great assistance with job placement. Your school came very highly recommended and I am very glad I attended your training facility. Your continued support throughout the training made learning easy, and helped with the confidence required to pass the FAA oral test. Thanks also for your assistance in job placement, I am employed with Universal Weather and Aviation in Houston, World Headquarters for our company. We do International Flight planning as well as domestic. I'm also surrounded at work by other qualified graduates of your fine school.

We currently handle about 95% of the Fortune 500 companies Bizjets. In this position we deal with a wide range of aircraft, from Gulfstreams, Falcons, Challengers, Hawkers, all the way up to Airbus300's and 747's. As a matter of fact I've done several of the flight plans for Gulfstreams new GV that set many world record flights during 1997. I've done flight plans in or over almost every country in the world. I've been with Universal since Jan 97 and have had salary increases of 20%. I currently make $30,000/yr already and I'm looking forward to our yearly bonus in October. The company as a whole has seen a growth rate of about 20% per year over the past several years and are currently looking at building a new facility. I'm quite pleased with my achievements and so is the company. I couldn't of done it without your help and support. Keep up the good work, and do use my name and this letter for anyone who is considering attending your wonderful school.


John N. Gavin / International Flight Planner/ Universal Weather, Houston, Texas


I would like to take this time to thank you and your wonderful staff at AFDTC.  I am a graduate of the accelerated course of April 20-25, 1998.  Terri, Gary, and Axel are greatly responsible for a successful experience at your school.

The day after graduating your fine school, Terri helped me find companies that were hiring Dispatchers. I faxed our 8 resumes and within 2 hours I had an interview with the 5th largest Regional Airline in the U.S.  In the next two days, three more companies wanted me to come work for them.  I am happy to announce that I now have a successful career with AR Group, Inc., earning $26K the first year.

Thank you AFDTC!

Robert Ruegsegger 

 I would like to thank you and your staff for an excellent experience two weeks ago in the one week accelerated class.  The training and level of professionalism were first rate, which allowed me to gain the knowledge needed for both the oral and practical.  Gary did a wonderful job teaching the flight plans in the afternoon, but I was most impressed with the way Axel taught us everything else.  Axel is an excellent instructor.  I have been in several aviation training classes through the years, including six months at FlightSafety International, numerous US Airways training sessions and CRM training, but none can hold up to Axel's method of instruction. He has a unique way of bringing his extensive airline knowledge to the classroom, and presenting it in an interesting and understandable way.  I will strongly recommend your school to anyone else who is interested in Dispatch training. I have started training at our dispatch office here at CCAIR (US Airways Express), and I feel that I have been well prepared as a result of your school.  Thank you once again.

Mark Parker 


 It is a great pleasure to write this letter hoping all are well and to express my feelings to thank you for those unforgettable few days we spent there. We are now missing those lovely smiling faces, Gary, Terry, and all the rest.

Richard, I will never forget that promise, we swore to God to remain friends. I promise to be so waiting for your visit to Lebanon to spend days which you will never forget.

Any time we have the chance to talk about Dallas AFDTC school, we told them how we were treated to that extend we felt as we were in our home.

Richard please say hello and express my best wishes to our boss the Big Gary and Joyce, to Terry and to Gene and Sveta, thanking them on behalf of me for the pictures I have received and for every thing waiting for them all to visit Lebanon.

My wife Leila, Dani, and Lelian hopping all will be fine and eager to see you in Lebanon very soon.

I am sending you three cans of sweets, one for you plus the cookies you like.  The other two for Gary and Terry.

Thank you for everything Richard, see you.

Hikmat Maher

Middle East Airlines Operational Control Center,  Beirut, Lebanon


I would like to express my thanks for allowing me to use your facility last week to interview potential Dispatchers for Great Lakes Aviation. The entire staff made me feel right at home for the day and a half that I spent with you. I hope that this can work into a lasting relationship with Great Lakes and AFDTC. I was very impressed with the quality of applicant that I was able to interview, and the amount of knowledge they had acquired in such a short period of time. This is a true testament to the quality of instruction that your students receive. Equally impressive was the way you supported the student, showing that you care as much about finding employment for the student as you do about getting them their FAA certificate.

Once again thanks for all your help and hospitality last week, and I look forward to my next visit to AFDTC.


Tory A. Meisel / Great Lakes Aviation / United Express Airlines


Thanks to all of you for making an Airline Dispatcher out of me!! You were right, I was one of those people with little or no background, but made it through. I will be glad to highly recommend your school to our customers and operators at British Aerospace, Inc. Hopefully, I can send some leads your way for future students and their job hunts. Your staff and instructors are great, upbeat, helpful and fun - it really made learning a lot of fun! Best of Luck! Thanks again to all!

Mary Rink / British Aerospace, Inc. March 1998


Thanks for making school so pleasant for me. I've learned a lot while having a great time. I will pass the word on about you  guys to everyone! Love, Kay Baldt

Graduate - February 1998 - Flight Dispatcher AMR World-Wide AA Headquarters 


Greetings from out west in Los Angeles! Just wanted to pass along to AFDTC that I was hired as a Flight Dispatcher for United Airlines, back in Chicago.  After graduation from the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center, I had the opportunity to hire on with United out in Los Angeles as a Ramp Service Agent.  After spending nine months throwing bags, I found out about Station Operations, and transferred behind the scenes.

For the next two years or so, I have been working here as a station operations representative.  This position held much in the challenge, and preparation for future positions at United.  I was Load Planner qualified, was occasionally put in charge of Shuttle by United, and also controlled aircraft movements from the UA ramp control tower.

I saw the opportunity for advancement when they posted a job listing for Flight Dispatcher.  I put my transfer request in.  Then, yesterday, Friday, January 16, I received a call from my supervisor in LAX.  I was being offered a job as a Flight Dispatcher.  I accepted the offer and begin working in Chicago on February 2, 1998.

I just thought I would get you updated on what I have been doing in the airline industry since I've graduated. Hope all is well out at the training center.  I have recommended some people to you for training.  Thanks again for the training I received when I was out there in 1994.


Steve Toumi - Flight Dispatcher / United Airlines - January 17, 1998


After getting my license, I got hired by (then) Jetstream International Airlines, and now we have changed our name to PSA Airlines. I am now the Director of Systems Control and am responsible for both Dispatch and Crew Scheduling, Yikes!

I talked with Terry today on the telephone, looking for Dispatchers. I have a need for 1 now, with the possibility for more later. We may be growing, who knows! If you have some people who are looking, let me know. I know the quality of your training, and am sure the graduates are good.

Give me a call sometime at (800) 235-0986. Take care and have a happy holiday season!

Thom Pemberton / Director S.O.C./Flight Dispatch - PSA Airlines / December 5, 1997


Thank you very much for contacting me when you learned of the Dispatcher openings at AMR. I appreciate your consideration.

I should tell you, though, that this new possibility complicates the decision I have to make soon, as I have received two job offers - Skyway Airlines, located in Milwaukee, by which I was pleasantly surprised, and Omni Air Express. I also have an interview with Base Ops International in Houston this Friday (and I am still considering two possible positions in Alaska).

So many possibilities, so much to choose from!!. But fortunately, that's a good problem to be blessed with. Again, thank you for thinking of me and notifying me of the openings at AMR. I look forward to possibly interviewing with them.

Sincerely, Joseph Marney - November 19, 1997


I wanted to express my appreciation to AFDTC for all the sport and the excellent training I received from everyone involved.

I did extremely extensive research into other dispatcher schools prior to yours and can honestly say that your school is dedicated to your students and their training. I felt that the instructors were exceptional in their training and kept the class challenged throughout.

I have had great success in my job hunt and unbelievably have found myself trying to decide between jobs. Thank you again for your great support.


Chris Torgeson -- Graduate class -- July 1997



Thank you so much for all your support and expertise during my training course to become a flight dispatcher. Your school has an excellent curriculum and great assistance with job placement. Your school came very highly recommended and I am so glad I attended your training center above the others.

Your continued support throughout the training made learning easy, and with confidence to pass the FAA required testing. Thanks again for your assistance in job placement, I am now employed by Business Jet Solutions in Dallas, and started my employment at one third higher than I expected.

Keep up the good work, and do use my name and this letter for anyone who is considering attending your wonderful school.


Terry G. Thomas - Flight Dispatcher @ Business Jet Solutions


It's been a little over a year since I left the military, and thanks to you, the transition from military life has been fantastic! I received my Flight Dispatcher certificate in August of '94 at the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center, in Euless, Texas. I was hardly prepared for the pending and immediate success that you assured would accompany the certificate. Within two months of completing your accelerated training course, I was interviewed and hired by United Airlines in Chicago, Illinois.

I am most appreciate in your assistance in the job hunting process. Your genuine concern and expertise were critical elements in my successful job search. If I can ever return the favor, please let me know. Thanks again for your help!


John J. LoGuidice / USAF Navigator (retired) -- United Airlines Flight Dispatcher



"Whew! How does it feel to make such a difference in peoples lives? You guys must love your jobs.Well, this is just a quick letter to say thanks for all you've done for me over the last several months. Richard and Sarah, thanks for letting me come back and finish what I started in 1992. Gary and Axel, your classes were great and of course, prepared me for the challenge of the dispatch tests. Axel, your drawings made understanding the stuff so much easier. Gary, letting me borrow that laptop put the finishing touches on preparing for the written. I needed that extra confidence. Thanks! Well, I'm headed to New Mexico to work for Mountain West Airlines. Once I'm there, I'll be sure to get my phone number to you. If ever I can help you or one of your students, Call Me! Thanks again. You guys are the best. "


John Hrisco, Flight Dispatcher @ Mountain West Airlines



Approximately three years ago, I sent five of my flight controllers through your Airline Dispatchers school in order for them to secure their FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate. All five employees completed your school, got their Dispatch certificate and have done very well performing their flight planning/dispatching duties. Since that time I have hired at least four other individuals who graduated from your school and have been pleased with them all.

Thanks for your assistance in providing me with qualified personnel from which I have been able to fill my dispatcher vacancies. I plan to call on you and your school whenever I have a need to interview Aircraft Dispatchers for positions within our organization."

Best Regards,

Michael O. Roszell / AMR Manager Flight Control



"I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for all of your time, personal efforts and commitment in helping me attain a most personal goal in becoming a licensed Aircraft Dispatcher with American Eagle and AMR Corporation. The degree to which you, Sarah and Mark have extended yourselves in seeing me through this endeavor certainly went well beyond the coverage of my tuition. The success that I have enjoyed thus far has been nothing less than amazing. Richard I honestly do not feel I could have accomplished all this and so quickly had it not been for all the encouragement, concern and resources of the AFDTC and its staff.

I realize that building and maintaining an academy of such global renown is no easy task, especially in addition to your own responsibilities as a dispatcher for the world's best airline. Your consistent "can-do" spirit and unfailing support and encouragement have truly been invaluable to my success in training. You deserve so much credit for always going the extra mile, not just for me, but all your students.

I'm really excited about the career opportunities awaiting me at American Eagle and AMR Corporation and as I begin my work I just want to again say thanks for everything. I would very much like to keep in contact and if I may ever be of any assistance or endorsement to the school, please don't hesitate to contact me"


Kyle M. Hill - Flight Dispatcher @ American Eagle Airlines



I wanted to thank you and your staff for an outstanding Aircraft Dispatcher training course. The training was excellent, and I feel well prepared to step into an Aircraft Dispatcher position anywhere.

Our primary instructor Axel is one of the finest instructors I have ever had the privilege of having as a teacher. His extensive aviation knowledge, talent for teaching, and frequent subtle humor make him an invaluable asset to your school. His frequent stories of actual experiences added depth to the course curriculum, and provided help and special insights in the practical application of dispatcher rules and procedures. Please convey my thanks on a job well done.

I was also extremely impressed with your management and support provided by Gary and Terri. Gary went out of his way to ensure that all contingencies were covered, and personally saw to it that our transportation was even arranged. Terri provided exceptional assistance at every turn, not the least of which was her considerable sense of humor. Despite a challenging job, she's fantastic at covering all the bases, and ensuring that everyone is taken care of, and the paperwork is done right.

Now that I have my license, I can pursue a position as an Aircraft Dispatcher with confidence, mostly due to the fine instruction and review provided by your school. If anyone asks me what aviation school to go to, I will not hesitate to refer them to the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center. With 20 years of aviation experience, I know a quality aviation organization when I see one. Thanks again for the superior training, and enjoyable time that I spent at your center. Please feel free to use me as a reference to your school.

Warmest Regards,

Thomas Greene / LCDR, USCG (ret


Just a quick note to express my appreciation and satisfaction regarding last weeks course. All of the instructors were great. I especially appreciate Gary's willingness to make sure that we understand everything that we covered. I definitely sensed that he really cared, and wanted us to get the certificate on our first try. Also, Axel's expertise was also very helpful, as well as motivating. I hope to run into both of the sometime down the road.

From the very first phone call I made several months ago, everyone I had talked to was very encouraging and supportive, and believe me, that was not the response from several other schools offering this type of curriculum. If I can be of any help to people considering your school, please don't hesitate to have them call me. I would love to help them out by putting in a well deserved good word for you. I look forward to a great career in dispatching, and will certainly keep in touch in the near future and beyond.


Brian Weyhe

I am writing you to thank you for allowing me to attend your dispatcher school, and for the many kindnesses you extended me. I was very impressed with your school, both with the instructors and the facilities. You and your wife Sarah are extremely generous, and I wish the best for you. Rest assured that I will suggest your school to anyone I hear of desiring a career and their FAA Dispatcher's certificate.


Tom Carlin


Dear Sir:

I recently attended the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center in Euless, Texas, where I successfully completed my training for the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license. As you know, Saudi Arabian Airlines maintains a training contract with this school. This is the reason I chose to attend their training program. I am writing you to tell you that this is a very good school. The owners Richard and Sarah treated me very well during my visit there. They made me feel very comfortable and treated me like I was one of their family. When I required extra assistance in a subject area, I requested help and I received it.

Richard and the instructors are experienced airline Flight Dispatchers, and they know their material very well. Also, the apartment where I lived was close to the school, and very nice. I recommend that Saudia Airlines continue to use this school to train Saudia employees for their FAA Dispatcher license. I had a very good experience.


Adel M. Al-Habdan - Graduate Sept. 1995 (letter from student to Saudi Arabian Flight Training Academy)

 I wanted to extend my appreciation to you for the experience while attending your 1 week Accelerated course. When I arrived in Euless, I didn't know what to expect, but quickly found out that your school was a first-class operation.

The quality of your instructors are second to none. Mr. Gary Pascoe's "can-do" attitude and positive approach to the Aircraft Dispatcher profession made the new material very easy to understand, and presented the familiar information in such a way that I continued to learn, instead of fighting to stay awake. My hat is off to Gary Pascoe.

I have attended many professional technical courses through the U.S. Air Force. It has been my experience that, in these courses one must take notes on every word that the instructor teaches because they are not providing enough course material to study during the evening hours. Well, my experience at AFDTC was just the opposite. I had to clean out my briefcase so I could carry all of the books, and I still had to carry the 3-ring binder under my arm! That has never happened to me, even at TERP's school.

I start my employment search today by first contacting TWE. With a certificate from AFDTC, I feel that I will make a good first-impression. Again, thank you for the experience of attending your school.

Brian Fleming - Flight Dispatcher @ TWE - STL


This letter is being written by me to express my sincere gratitude to you both for the love and trust you have bestowed on me. I am short of words to express my feelings in this matter. I am really grateful with the Almighty to put me in contact with you. I shall always cherish the memories of my stay while I was with you in Texas. I have found another brother, and a lovely sister, and a family of my own. Your mom is also a wonderful person to be with.

When I first arrived from my home country of India, I was greeted by the AFDTC staff. They made me feel quite at home. I successfully completed your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certificate program. I am sure I am able to live up to your expectations. I hope we maintain our contacts with each other in the days to come. Don't forget me if I am out of sight. I will always try to contact you once and a while.

Thank you very much for assisting me with my airline career. I am now happily employed as a Flight Dispatcher with Vanguard Airlines in Kansas City. Wishing you and your family alot of prosperity and happiness.


Ashok Acharya - Flight Dispatcher / Vangard Airlines (student from Bombay, India) --Sept. 1994



I owe it all to you!

Ron Kline - Flight Dispatcher @ United Airlines/Chicago (USAF Navigator)


As a recent graduate of AFDTC, I'd like to thank you for the excellent academics and practical experience I received while attending your school. As a former Army aviator, I found the level of professionalism and knowledge of the instructors to be unsurpassed.

I would also like to thank you and your staff for the enormous support in finding a job after graduation. Your schools dedication to maintaining accurate and current hiring trends on all domestic carriers was truely an asset. As the airlines grow more competitive, and the number of applicants become more qualified, I believe that a person has to have an edge to be successful in today's job market.

Once again, thank you, an maybe in the not so distant future, you will be boarding a flight under the direct supervision of the captain and myself.

Best Wishes,

Brian D. Cook -- October 1993 (U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot)


Thank you!!! I am now an Aircraft Dispatcher at Atlantic Southeast Airlines.

Your school was wonderful. Your expertise and guidance were essential to my success. May God bless your school, your family, and all of your endevours.


Mark Leyva


I just wanted to say thanks for coming through with another winning job lead. I'll be starting with AirTran in Orlando on the 22nd of January. With a temporary job at Kitty Hawk, and this job, your record is now two for two. I am very sorry I could not make it the the school this past Thursday for the interview with the TWE representive, but that was the day I was in Orlando interviewing with Air Tran.

Needless to say, I am looking forward and working for AirTran. This is just the kind of ground floor opportunity I was looking for, and I have you to thank for helping me find it. Again, thanks for all the help.


Al Koehly -- Flight Dispatcher @ AirTran Airlines


The job that you and your staff have done is most formidable, and I wish to express my gratitude for keeping such a wonderful spirit. Thank you very much once again for seeing to my needs during my stay at your school.

Best Personal Regards,

Raymond Sievers - Priester Aviation, Wheeling, Illinois


Dear All,

Just short notes to say thank you for all of your efforts, both during and after my Airline Dispatcher course. The way in which the course was taught made the only possible result a pass, and this coupled with the helpfulness, enthusiasm, and motivation of not only the instructors, but everyone involved with the school, made the course both interesting and enjoyable.

As you can see, I now have a position with a Liverpool based passenger and cargo airline doing a job I enjoy. It may not be in the right country, but there again, who are USAir? This slight glitch in my plans, only means I get to bore some "Damned Brits", with the intricacies of the Boeing 727 flight systems.

So thank you once again, and if anyone from the UK is interested in a course, but needs a little push towards actually enrolling, feel free to give them my number, and I'll be all too pleased to help.

Wateska University Rules!!!

Michael Teaney - Emerald Airways - Liverpool, England


Here is the NAS Pensacola newspaper you wanted along with the latest resume.

I really think you have a superb training program there, and I will recommend your program whenever possible. The next couple of weeks are reserved for getting those flight instructor ratings that I need to finish. After that, I may very well check with you concerning this Dispatcher rating to work. If so, I would prefer to go with a company where the possibility exists of eventually getting a pilot position.

Anyway, Richard, thank you again for both the quality and speed of training. I am still amazed at the amount of "one on one" training I received.


Robert P. Noguere -- U.S. Navy Pilot - Pensacola, Florida



I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the course and how it helped me tremendously in getting a job with Express One Airlines. Since I graduated on February 18, I've had job offers from Greyhound, American Eagle, and Express One. I'm confident without the great training I received here at the Airline Flight Dispatcher's Training Center, I would not have had such a response from these 3 employers.

I want to thank you and Mark for your time and excellent teaching style. I found it to be a great time and it helped me to get into the airline industry as a Dispatcher. Thanks again!


Matthew Ammeter -- Flight Dispatcher @ Express One Airlines (former USAF Air Traffic Controller)


Just a short letter of appreciation to say, "Thank you very much" for all your assistance during the past few months. When I first arrived at the AFDTC campus, I was eagerly greeted by all of your staff members. They immediately made me feel quite at home and at ease.

I loved your Dispatcher training programme. It was highly enjoyable, and I will be certain to recommend your school too all of my fellow British countrymen (and countrywomen!) Please give my love to everyone there at the school. Hope to see you all sometime soon, perhaps here in England?? You are all wonderful. Cheers!


Jane Roberts -- Fleet, England UK


About 2 years ago, I sent two of my Flight Followers to your school to receive their Flight Dispatcher's certificate, and I was very impress with the results. Since that time, I have sent two more, who also completed the course successfully. Also, I have hired about seven of your students directly from graduation, and have been completely impressed.

With the new part 119 Federal Regulations, requiring all aircraft over 9 seats to operate as a 121 airline, has made a great need in the airline industry for FAA certified Dispatchers.

Of the employees that I have hired from your school, it not only seems that they are taught the items need to be a good Dispatcher, but also the attitude and professionalism standards that are needed to be a good Dispatcher.

I hope that in the future, as the need for more dispatchers becomes required at Mountain West Airlines, that I will have the opportunity to interview and hire more of your graduates.


Jeff McCoy -- Manager Systems Control - Mountain West - Mesa Airlines



It is with great pleasure that I write you today about your course and preparation for the FAR 121 Aircraft Dispatcher exam. Your course thoroughly reviewed the topics necessary to achieve the highest results. The professionalism with which your course was presented was outstanding.

I must make a special acknowledgement to your instructors. Their presentation of the subject matter and the course materials was serious, direct, and focused. Their explanations often complex concepts were concise and comprehensible. The course material was provided in the context of true aviation experiences, personal to the instructor, and through contact with a number of persons in this field of aviation. The course materials and binder will continue to be a source of invaluable information to me.

And of course, the personal touches, such as providing us with occasional meals, allowing us to use the phone, and a sincere interest in our comfort, made the course even more rewarding.

In short, your course provided more and better service than any other aviation school I have ever attended, and I received a lot more than my money's worth! Once again, thank you for your assistance.


Eliahu "Eli" Katav - ATP, CFII, ADX - Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I just wanted to say thanks to the both of you, (Richard and Sarah), for the outstanding training I received last week. I am very excited about the opportunity of becoming a Flight Dispatcher. I appreciate the opportunity that you have given me with my new FAA license.

If there is anything else that you need from me, or any other information, please do not hesitate to call me.


Andrew Hamilton -- USAF Navigator - Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma


Thanks for the opportunity. Your Accelerated course was very well run and very complete. Your Dispatcher school and staff members are excellent.

Bill Peterson - USAF Navigator

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