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International Flight Operations

ETOPS / Extended Range Twin-Engine Operations

Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center offers a complete course in International Flight Planning Operations & ETOPS - Extended Range Twin-Engine Operations. It's offered in conjunction with our 5 week FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license course, and is included as part of our complete Flight Dispatcher training program.

The ETOPS program is an essential segment of our total over-all Airline Dispatcher training curriculum. It gives our students the edge out in the airline industry.

Remember, the instructors at Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center are very experienced, major airline Flight Dispatchers. We've got years and years of experience in the international flight operations arena. It's what we do every day (except our days off). We were involved in earliest days of ETOPS, when it was in the testing phase with the FAA, and we actually participated in the certification process. Choose our school. Think about it. Why go to some school that just teaches theory, and have never done it in the real world. This is a brutal fact for our competition, however, it's true.

Some schools feel it necessary to charge several hundred dollars for this training course. However, the staff at Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center feels that it is important that each of our graduates be trained in this international curriculum, therefore we include it as the conclusion of our regular program at no fee.

The International Flight Operations/ETOPS course is conducted during the last week of our  200 Hour  program. It is a separate specialized training course.

All of our graduates attend this training course and receive an International Flight Operations / ETOPS Certificate of Completion.

International Flight Operations / ETOPS Program

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