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AFDTC Re-locates School to the American Airlines Training & Conference Center

Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center has relocated its international campus location into the American Airlines Training & Conference Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The center is located next door to the American Airlines System Operation Control, and the FAA Fort Worth Air Route Traffic Control Center.

The AA Training & Conference Center offers AFDTC students many amenities, including ultra-modern classroom facilities, high-speed Internet cafe, hotel, cafeteria, basketball & tennis courts, after-hours tavern bar, swimming pool, and aerobics & fitness Center. The center also offers free transportation between DFW Airport and the training facilities. Click here to see the new AFDTC campus at the AAT&CC.


AFDTC Signs 3 Year Contract With China
AFDTC President Richard Wateska returned from a 10-day trip in China in late November.  During the trip he visited the cities of Beijing and Shanghai, and met with Mr. Dongsheng Zhao, Senior Inspector at the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).  Mr. Wateska negotiated and signed a 3 year Memorandum of Understanding with the CAAC.  AFDTC will train airlines all over China, including 34 airlines in the China Eastern Group, China Southern Group and Air China Group. The school will also train airline Dispatcher Inspectors from CAAC Headquarters in Beijing, and all of China's CAAC regional provinces.  The contract runs from years 2003 - 2006.

Archives from 2000 - 2002 are below

AFDTC Opens New International Campus in the Middle East

In September 2000, Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center opened the world's first and only FAA approved international Aircraft Dispatcher training school. The world-class training facility is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Emirates Airlines Training College. All operations at the Dubai campus are currently suspended, due to U.S. military activity in the area. We plan to re-open the school in the Summer 2002.

School President, Richard Wateska has named Mr. Arienthiran N. Prakash as the Managing Director, International Division. Mr. Prakash is responsible for the daily oversight of the training operations. Students in attendance at the Dubai school are from many countries in the Middle East, including Pakistan, India, Oman, and of course, the United Arab Emirates.

The Dallas/Fort Worth FAA Flight Standards District Office oversees the FAA approved facility. The DFW FSDO performs all geographic surveillance activities, with the assistance of the New York International Field Office (IFO). This international expansion has established the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center organization as a global leader in the field of airline operational control and FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certification.

American Eagle Airlines Hires 9 AFDTC Graduates

American Eagle Airlines, a subsidiary of AMR Corporation in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, hired 9 AFDTC graduates in their March 5, 2001 new-hire class. The new Dispatcher trainees are currently attending Initial Dispatcher training. They will soon receive on-the-job" training out on the floor in the American Eagle System Operations Control Center. The Dispatcher new-hires should be ready to upgrade to full Flight Dispatchers by July 2001.

AFDTC Graduates Hired in March

During the month of March 2001, several U.S. airline Dispatch Managers interviewed and hired AFDTC graduates from the January and February classes. Airlines and aviation organizations hiring AFDTC graduates were American Airlines, American Eagle Airlines, Continental Express, Northwest Airlink, Base Ops, World-Wide Jet Services, Southwest Airlines, Atlantic Coast Airlines, Great Lakes Airlines and Trans World Airlines.

AFDTC Awarded Three-Year Chinese Training Contract

Senior Flight Standards Division representatives from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) in Beijing visited the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center from January 16-21, 2000. AFDTC and CAAC officials negotiated a new 3 years Memorandum-of-Understanding (MOU) to train CAAC Flight Standards Safety Inspectors and Dispatchers from 34 of China's airlines. During the 3-year period, AFDTC will train several hundred Chinese students for the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license. Details of the contract were not disclosed. Click here to see photos of the contract-signing event.

American Airlines Hires 6 AFDTC Graduates

American Airlines, a subsidiary of AMR Corporation in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, hired 6 AFDTC graduates in their December 1999 new-hire class. The new Dispatcher trainees have completed Initial Dispatcher training, and are now receiving "on-the-job" training out on the floor in the System Operations Control Center. The new Dispatcher Assistants should be ready to upgrade to full-fledged Flight Dispatchers by October/November 2000.

Computer Workstations and High-Speed Internet Installed

AFDTC recently received a major upgrade to their training facilities during early January 2000. The training school invested over $150,000 to purchase 30 new classroom computers, including individual workstation furniture. Computer networking experts installed a "server" in the facility, and then networked each computer via a local area network (LAN). Students are now assigned their own computer workstation on the first day of class, and have access to the Jeppesen Flight Planning and Weather Graphics, and Jeppesen instrument approach plates. In addition, Aircraft Dispatcher written test prep, high-speed Internet access (for "real-time" weather access), e-mail and MSN Messenger services are available. Students may make unlimited, free long-distance phone calls anywhere within the United States, using internet-based telephone services. Extensive Computer-based training (CBT) modules are currently under development, and will be used by students in the near future. Click here to see photos of our new classroom facilities.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight Academy Renews Training Contract with AFDTC

Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center has renewed its training contract with the Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight Training Academy for the sixth year in a row. The Saudia academy is located in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia. AFDTC has trained many students from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1994, and has plans to train many more during the coming decade. In addition to Saudia Arabia, AFDTC trains students from other Middle Eastern countries, such as Egypt, Pakistan, India, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.

U.S. Air Force / Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany Sends Trainees to Dallas School

Base officials at Ramstein Air Force Base, Frankfurt, Germany sent several more of their Base Operations staff members to the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center to receive their FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license training in 2001. All of the candidates successfully completed the course, the FAA Oral/Practical Certification exams, and have returned home.


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