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School Established in 1991
4000+ Successful Graduates To Date

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Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center (based in Fort Worth, Texas, USA) has trained approximately 4000+ students since 1991 to become FAA licensed airline professionals. We specialize in one thing - the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license

Great News! Airline hiring has dramatically increased. Airlines all over the country are hiring our graduates.

Our students come from countries all over the world. Many have little or no aviation experience, but do have a burning desire for an airline career. We train them, then get them where they want to go...that is - an airline career! 

Our school's success comes directly from the fact that we help our students reach their dreams and goals.  What else is there? You come to our school, pay tuition, get FAA licensed, then interviewed and hired with an airline. It's what it's all about. Why else would you come to our school? 

Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center has grown to become the leader in the field of FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license training.   We've worked hard for the past years. Now, we train lots of people for the license. Many stay her in the USA. Many go back to their respective countries, where the FAA license is highly respected. 

Our school employs the principals of personal achievement and success. Through persistence and most importantly, positive mental attitude (PMA), we've become who we are, and we're proud of it. You can read about these principles in the book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, authored in the year 1937. Do yourself a favor - it's awesome! 

AFDTC trains China's airlines. We hold a multi-year contract with the Civil Aviation Administration of China.  We've trained military people for the United States Air Force (Ramstein AFB), and also for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) FAA Aeronautical Center. Our school is approved for U.S. military Veteran's Benefits. 

Most of our aircraft dispatcher students are referred to our school by former graduates. We care about our students, and it pays off for them, and for us. When our graduates do well, so do we! 

The global airline industry is experiencing explosive growth and airlines are earning record profits. During the next several years, we believe, career opportunities in this industry will be plentiful, especially to those people who have the right qualifications. The FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License is respected in many countries around the world, and gives our graduates a distinct advantage over other candidates who are seeking positions in airline operations and the field of Airline Operational Control.

Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center was founded in September 1991, in Euless, Texas. Our goal from the first day was to make Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center the top Airline Dispatcher school in the world. We have worked very hard to make this become a reality. We set high expectations for our staff, and our students. 

Our school's beliefs and philosophy - We consistently go the extra mile. Our staff members are dynamic, enthusiastic, and energetic. We feel very personal about each and every one of our students. When you come to our school, you're it! We care about you, your goals and long-term success.

AFDTC Co-Founder - Pictured here was on duty at American Airlines operations in Dusseldorf, West Germany.


  Our goal is to change your life and influence your future!

It takes time to build a reputation of excellence in the airline industry. Today, because of quality of our graduating students, airlines and organizations around the world send their employees to our school for training. Some of these have included American Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, the FAA's Aeronautical Center, Middle East Airlines, Lauda Air/Italy, Mesa Airlines, FedEx and the Civil Aviation Administration of China, to name a few. 

  • We believe in Success through a Positive Mental Attitude 
  • Our instructors are highly experienced and enjoy teaching motivated students 
  • We love our school, aviation, and the airline business 

Working in an airline dispatch office is really exciting. Click here to see an airline Operational Control Center No two days are ever the same. Some days are routine, while others are extremely busy with adverse weather, aircraft mechanical problems, or air traffic control system delays. Working in an airline's Operations Center (dispatch office) is really challenging.  

When you attend Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center's FAA Aircraft Dispatcher course, you will get the benefit of many years of airline industry Flight Dispatch experience. In addition to having a great airline career, Dispatchers have cockpit jumpseat privileges on many other airlines, worldwide first class travel benefits, as well as discounts at major hotels, rental car agencies, and cruise ship lines. 

We hope that you enroll in our FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license-training program. If you think that all of this is too good to be true, believe me, it's all there for the taking! If you have any questions about this airline profession, or would like to enroll in our FAA Aircraft Dispatcher training program, please feel free to call or e-mail the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center staff at (817) 967-4424 /

Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 08:00 am - 5:00 pm (1300 UTC - 2200 UTC). We'll be happy to send you our school informational catalogue, and to answer your specific questions on our school, training programs, and the Airline Dispatcher career field. 

We're looking forward to seeing you in class. Call us today to enroll in a future course. 

Our goal is to train you for your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License, and then assist to get you hired with a successful airline. It's that simple. We believe in our graduates, and our school. Call us if you want an airline career.


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